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Don't worry about coming up with a complicated numbering scheme. We have a pre-defined component numbering scheme including a part category prefix, the item number, and a two-digit number variation. Once a part is created, use the BOM uploading tool to batch upload an assembly via csv.

Grab your old excel or csv part list, assign a part class to each item, and upload your parts to get started. It's that simple!

Keep track of all of your engineering parts in the indented bom, electrical, mechanical, hardware and more with all of our part management tools.

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IndaBOM is integrated with Mouser - we automagically get pricing info and datasheets integrated right in to your indented bill of materials and part information.

Get better BOM estimates at scale. With pricing pulled in at different volumes, and suppliers, we also allow you to estimate the cost of your BOM at different volumes for better planning, and also handle alternate sources in case a part goes out of stock.

Want more? Unlike those expensive PLM and PDM systems, this bom management tool is free and open source so you can customize to your pleasing. We're always open to ideas - message us at, or submit a pull request!